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C&F Select Mortgage offers a variety of reliable programs to assist all types of borrowers, from first-time homebuyers to long-term homeowners who are purchasing again or refinancing. Your loan officer will explain these products in detail and help you determine which loan is best for your individual situation.

A conventional program may be right for you if:
You want a consistent monthly payment for the term of the loan.

Conventional loans have the advantage of a consistent interest rate for the term of the loan – payments will remain the same for the life of the loan.

PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) will be required if at least a 20% down payment is not made.

An FHA loan may be right for you if: 
You are a first-time or repeat homebuyer.

FHA loans are offered in conjunction with the U.S. government to help borrowers obtain financing with low payment structures and less stringent qualifying requirements.

Benefits include:

  • Substantial down payment not required
  • Gift or grant moneys may be available to assist with down payment and closing costs.

A VA loan might be right for you if:
You are a retired veteran, active duty military, National Guard or reservist buying or refinancing a home.

Veterans Administration (VA) loans are available to qualified veterans, active duty, reserves and National Guard personnel. Loans are residential mortgages allowing for the purchase or refinance of an owner-occupied home. 

Benefits include:

  • Low or no down payment options
  • Financing of VA funding fee
  • Seller may contribute to buyer’s closing costs
  • Gift funds allowed

An ARM program may be right for you if:
You want to qualify for a higher loan amount and initially lower house payment, expect a future increase in income, or plan to relocate, refinance or move in the next few years.

Adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) offer lower initial interest rates. After a specified period, these rates adjust annually to a new rate. An ARM may be right for you if you want increased buying power or expect to move or see an increase in income before your mortgage adjusts.

Benefits include:

  • Protects you with annual and lifetime rate caps
  • Conversion to fixed rate may be an option

An investment program may be right for you if:
You are purchasing or refinancing a property that is not your primary residence.

Investor loans are used to finance 1-4 investment properties with as little as 20% down payment.

An RD loan may be right for you if:
You are purchasing a residence located in a qualifying rural area. The program is available for both first-time homebuyers and repeat homebuyers.

Rural Housing Loans are designed to assist borrowers in qualifying rural areas to become homeowners. These loans offer a variety of unique and attractive features for qualifying borrowers.

Benefits include:

  • Minimum cash investment
  • Flexible qualifying requirements

Grant Funds may be right for you if:
You are a first-time homebuyer, in the military, live in a low-income household, or are needing assistance with your down payment or closing costs.

Benefits include:

  • Variety of programs
  • Purchased home must be used as the homebuyer’s primary residence
  • Other restrictions apply (contact your C&F loan officer)

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